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About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of the Consortium is to excel in product development (PD) and systems engineering (SE) research at Wayne State University through strong partnership between academia and local/national industries.

Research Teams

  • Global Product Development
  • Collaborative System Design and Realization
  • System and Product Architecture
  • Supply Chain and Product Development

  • Organizational Strucutre
    Dr. Leslie Monplaisir, Director and Global Product Development Team Leader.
    Dr. Kyoung-Yun Kim, Co-director and Collaborative System & Design Realization Team Leader.
    Dr. Jim McNicol, Collaborative Research Program Leader.
    Abe Vadhavkar, Collaborative Research Program Leader.
    Dr. Bimal P. Nepal, System and Product Architecture Team Leader.
    Dr. Ekrem Alper Murat, Supply Chain and Product Development Team Leader.

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